Sunday, February 7, 2010

Introducing Will

Written by my husband about our baby.

On the night of March 11, 2008, I became one of the happiest persons on earth. My wife bore me a son at 10:23 pm, we named him Will.

Upon seeing this wonderful creation of love, my angel, all things seem to have matter not, all trouble seems to ease. He was the smallest of all the babies in the nursery weighting only 5 lbs and 9 oz, when he was brought up to my wife’s hospital room to be breastfed, we were afraid to touch and hold him as he look so fragile, and the reality set in that we will be responsible for him, to feed and nurture him while in this fragile state. He was breastfed for 1 month before we started alternating baby milk formula with breast milk in preparation, since my wife have to go back to work in 2 months time. The first few months pass by with ease, as Will slept most of the time and when he did wake up all he want was milk.

Time passed and he began to develop his own personality, his first smile was on March 15, 2008, when family and friends visited us in our home. One thing I can say he likes to do things on his own, he held his own bottle when he was 1 month and 15 days old; we were very excited and amazed then.

We started introducing fruits, boiled vegetable and porridge when he was 4 months old, about the same time he started to roll over on his own.

On his 7th month, he uttered his first word “pa pa”, which we heard a lot of in the succeeding weeks. I think he notice the joy he brings every time he utter those words, as we will all be smiling and encouraging him to speak, from a simple “pa pa” he begun uttering “pa pa pa pa pa”.

On his 9th month, for the first time he was able to stand on his own inside the crib, here he started practicing walking on back and forth. Whether you believe it or not, Will learned how to walk before he was able to crawl. His favorite toy was a plastic remote keyless entry key. He enjoyed playing with it, since he likes the squeaking sound it makes when you press on a button.

On his 15th month, after a few broken cell phones and controllers, he has this unique game to hide things like his pacifier, keys and cell phones. When you are able to find it, he will give you his cutest smile and next time he will find another hiding place for them.

On his 16th month, he started to show some fascination with how things work. Most of the time, we can see him looking at joints of chairs or table and wondering how they are put together. A couple of times he successfully remove a screw from a wrought iron chair and it surprise me at the same time scared me, by this I started checking every screw if they were tight.

On his 18th month, he started with tantrums attacks; every time he is in this state we hug him tight to comfort him. At present he is addicted to TV Commercials, he would sit attentively every time a commercial is played on TV.

Will is my angel and my life.