Saturday, April 24, 2010

Garena Dota Players


Good day!!!

Being a vivid gamer and had played dota for year I can’t even count, it pain me that garena rooms used different version of frozen throne, having a different version mean that you can’t see each other game, They basically cant join the game that I created, manually upgrading the version is a good idea but what if it is a lower version. Luckily someone in the cyber world have found a solution in the form of wvs switcher short for warcraft version switcher, this is a very cool program which enable garena dota players to instantly switch between version to join anybody’s game the share the same version.
Since the latest garena room (Philippines) require us garena dota players to use different patch version, so if you already have the warcraft version switcher. all you need is the latest files to switch between the different patch versions of Frozen Throne
P.S. DO NOT EXTRACT, Just copy-paste the files on the wvs folder, locate the folder where other TFT Versions are under your Warcraft Version Switcher folder.

TFT Version
TFT Version

I hope that this helps Garena dota players, Since I myself don't like to download the whole switcher that is link in the garena site, this way it is faster to acquire the necessary files needed.
Enjoy see you on garena. Garena dota player’s rocks. Just a reminder please do not cheat, do not use map hack.


Sunday, April 18, 2010

Electricity Saving Tips at home

Pollution is currently widespread in our surroundings today. In order for us to help reduce risks for power shortage, every household needs to do their part. Every time you use power like electricity, you are also burning fuel in power plants. Thus when you save electricity, you are reducing air pollution. Below are some tips on saving electricity at home.

1. Turn off lights when no one is using them, like in an empty room.
2. Replace incandescent lamps with energy saving compact fluorescent lamps.
3. Unplug appliances when not in use.
4. Do not put uncovered liquid in your refrigerator as this will give more work to your compressor.
5. When using the washing machine, do laundry in full load.
6. Hang your clothes to dry whenever possible.

So bottom line is conserve power to make mother Earth a whole lot better for everybody

Garage Child Friendly Tips

Having a two year old child at home, the first concern is how to make my home child friendly. I often forget to notice that my garage is part of my home. My son will most likely accompany us wherever we go. Here are some tips that could save you and your family from garage related accident.

1. Vehicle – Always keep the doors and trunk of your vehicle close and lock. Keys must not be left inside the vehicle. Store the vehicle key away from children’s reach. Never start or operate the vehicle when children are present inside the garage without adult supervision, they should either be inside the vehicle or outside the garage. Check your vehicle regularly for oil leaks that may spill over the garage floor.
2. Tools – Make sure that every single tool, regardless of its size is out of children’s reach. If you have any tools that are hanging, make sure that it won’t fall on children.
3. Toxic Materials – These comprise of chemicals like paints, thinners, laundry detergents and the likes. These items are ideally store on shelves out of children’s reach.
4. Child own equipment – Bikes, toys and special clothing materials that are stored in a garage should be placed on an area that is only accessible by an adult.
5. Special Item – Always keep a handy fire extinguisher and a first aid kit in your garage away from children’s reach. You never know when an emergency situation will arise.
6. Garage Door – Always have your garage door checked annually by trained professionals.

I would like to stress that making your home child friendly is not only a task for families with children, but also for families that expect a child to visit them.