Monday, July 5, 2010

Energy Saving Tips at Home : Closet Organizing

A closet that looks like a mountain of cluttered things can still be improved once you learn the trick of organizing. But organizing needs commitment to make it into a habit of doing things once. Having an organized closet can save a lot of time and money.

Why? Let me set-up a situation. With clothes folded evenly in a shelf, wrinkles will be eliminated and instead of digging deeper into the mountain of cluttered garments, you will be able to choose the clothes you need for the day in a few seconds. Thus, you have saved time for searching which usually takes a lot of time and you would save electricity bill from ironing a wrinkled garment again. In a sense it can be another Energy saving tips at home.

Tips in organizing your closet:
1. First, throw away unused or worn out garments. Be practical with the sentimental garments. This way, you will be left with a fewer garments but are the essentials.

2. Arrange each kind in a single pile. Like all shirts in one pile, all pants in another pile. Assigning a specific place for everything will make it easier for you to find the garment and placing it back into your closet after laundry.

3. Immediately throw the dirty clothes into a hamper or laundry pile. Schedule for a laundry at least twice a week, this way you will have fewer clothes to return to pile in your closet and you will have lesser time to do it.

4. Now after seeing all your garments in place, you commit yourself to a routine to do the first 3 steps every time you open your closet.

You may also ask the help of professional consultants for personal matters or preferences. Usually they can suggest you to add shelf organizers and remodel to customize your cabinets. But you have to request them to explain to you how to use the newly remodeled closet.