Monday, January 25, 2010

Why I start buying games online

Why I start buying games online

Just a finger tips away

When I was a 15 years of age the internet was unheard off and buying games online was not even possible. Having only one game store in the whole island usually meant a whole day affair when trying to buy a game. The day would include lining up, sorting among boxes to find the game that I want and most of the time I walk away disappointed and empty handed. Sometimes I felt rob for paying too much for a game just because they are new and in demand and with supply coming in once a month I was forced to pay the amount just to acquire the game.

Now, I have put that all behind me but there are times I find myself looking back and smiled about all the hassle I had to go through just to acquire a game when nowadays I seldom find myself going into a game store which now number to less than a hundred. Most of the time I spend a few hours in the internet reading about game reviews and logging in forums which provide the best source of information as they present common problems that were encountered where members gave unbiased opinion about the game; as well as searching online game store for games that I am interested in when most of the time I can even download a free trial version of the game which grants me a real feel of the game before actually buying it plus let me tell you this, buying games online was the best choice I have ever made. While I don’t pretend to know it all or even what I have done is the right thing because up until now it’s still a learning process for me, sure I may have paid a bit more on some of the games but the bottom line is that most of the time I am paying far less. One more thing I found helpful on most online store is when the game I wanted to buy is not available or can’t be found, I just make a simple request and in a couple of days I will know if it can be made available for me to buy the game online or not.

Surely by now you will have a lot of questions and doubts, I know because I felt the same way when the option of buying a game online was first made available. I would like to iterate some of those questions and doubts:
• Is it really cheaper to buy a game online than in a store?
• How long will it be before the game is delivered to my doorstep?
• What happens if I get a defective product?
Based on my experience, yes it is cheaper in most cases since an online store don’t have to pay rent and hire numerous sales clerks but be aware that a shipping cost will be added on top of the price of the item. The game usually arrive 24 to 48 hours, depending on your location it may take longer but some online game store lets you download the game into your computer ready to be use within few hours without the added shipping costs. The only drawback I encountered in buying games online was when I wanted to return a defective product and was told that I have to shoulder the costs of shipping it back to them and getting the replacement back to me.

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