Sunday, May 9, 2010

Recycled Ink Cartridges: How to Help the Environment and Save Money

Recycled ink cartridges are a great way to do your part for the environment and save money on the purchase. So much energy and resource material is used in making technological products. And just think about how often you’ve seen a computer monitor or TV laying on the side of the road waiting to be picked up? All of that waste eventually goes in our landfills, which are already too full.

Recycled printer cartridges, then, can be a really practical and inexpensive way to reduce waste and increase efficiency. Most efforts to stop pollution and limit waste start at the individual level, which means you could make a real impact on the world by following a few simple steps.


Let’s say your current ink cartridges run out of ink. Normally, you just throw them into the trash and go out and purchase a new one, right? This is where you can make the first change. The first way you can help the environment is to recycle your printer cartridges. Nowadays, most cartridges come with a postage-paid envelope in which you can mail the empty printer cartridge back to the manufacturer. The company will then melt down the plastics to make new cartridges. This helps reduce resource consumption and it saves you money. How, you ask?

Buy Recycled

The next time you find yourself running out of ink, don’t just pick up any old cartridge to replace the old one. Instead, buy recycled ink cartridges. They are most often cheaper than the new cartridges and you are helping preserve valuable resources and energy by doing so. Plus, you won’t even notice a difference in print quality as these cartridges are brand new—they’re just made from recycled materials. Even so, there is still one other way you can be good to the environment and your bank account in regards to printer ink cartridges purchases.

Refill Cartridges

Refilling kits are a type of recycling in a sense. You are not purchasing a new cartridge, rather, just the ink that goes inside of it. Nothing more is being wasted in the process. When you run out of ink, you can order a refill kit, which contains instructions and the ink itself. You’ll simple refill the empty printer cartridge in your own home. You save money and again, conserve the environment.

Recycled ink cartridges are the way of the immediate future. All you need is the will power to try something different and you’ll be saving money and going green all at the same time! That’s a hard combination to beat, don’t you think?

See how easy it is? With a bit of change, you can make a big difference by using recycled printer cartridges, refill kits and recycling your own cartridges. You can even stop by most office supplies stores these days and drop off your empty cartridges to be recycled in a special bin. Everybody’s on the recycling bandwagon, so why aren’t you?

Special thanks goes to Alfred, a very good friend of mine for providing me this article.

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