Saturday, August 7, 2010

Refrigerator Energy Saving Tips

Refrigerator is the most commonly used appliance in our household and nowadays it is safe to say that every household have at least one refrigerator. It has been tallied as one of household’s highest electricity consumer. Maximizing the use of one’s refrigerator can lessen one’s electric consumption which can save you money and at the same time help the environment in its fight against pollution.

Here are a few refrigerator electricity saving tips:

1. It is wise to position the refrigerator away from direct sunlight or appliances that emulate heat (oven, stove and etc.).

2. Set the temperature of the fridge to 36° – 40° F and freezer to 0° - 5° F. It is unnecessary to set the temperature lower, since it will just use more electricity by as much as 20 – 25%.

3. Avoid having an empty refrigerator as the motor tend to keep running as there is nothing to hold the cold they generate. Put a couple of containers filled with water to remedy this situation.

4. Allow hot foods to cool first before storing it inside the refrigerator.

5. On a regular basis defrost manual frost freezers when the ice build-up to over ¼ inch. Since it works harder and thus consume more electricity.

6. Keep food covered when stored inside the refrigerator.

7. Fix if door seal damage (rubber or magnetic strip) since cold air will escapes and this make refrigerator work harder and thus consume more electricity.

8. Thawing frozen foods in the fridge helps cool the fridge as they defrost.

9. Keep freezer full but not overloaded. Just give at least 1 inch of space around for air to circulate.

By putting electricity saving tips in practice, we are doing our part as an individual in fight pollution that benefit everybody at the same time save money that will benefit us.

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