Saturday, April 24, 2010

Garena Dota Players


Good day!!!

Being a vivid gamer and had played dota for year I can’t even count, it pain me that garena rooms used different version of frozen throne, having a different version mean that you can’t see each other game, They basically cant join the game that I created, manually upgrading the version is a good idea but what if it is a lower version. Luckily someone in the cyber world have found a solution in the form of wvs switcher short for warcraft version switcher, this is a very cool program which enable garena dota players to instantly switch between version to join anybody’s game the share the same version.
Since the latest garena room (Philippines) require us garena dota players to use different patch version, so if you already have the warcraft version switcher. all you need is the latest files to switch between the different patch versions of Frozen Throne
P.S. DO NOT EXTRACT, Just copy-paste the files on the wvs folder, locate the folder where other TFT Versions are under your Warcraft Version Switcher folder.

TFT Version
TFT Version

I hope that this helps Garena dota players, Since I myself don't like to download the whole switcher that is link in the garena site, this way it is faster to acquire the necessary files needed.
Enjoy see you on garena. Garena dota player’s rocks. Just a reminder please do not cheat, do not use map hack.


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